Clubs/Organizations Contacts

At HLW We have something for everyone!! 

Academic Games
- Mrs. Alexios, Ms. Anders, Mrs. Bozeman 
Anime - Mr. Aloia & Mr. Barris
Cheer - Ms. Aldridge & Mrs. Blankenship-Cuenot
Chess - Mr. Rance
FFEA (Future Teachers) - Mrs. Blankenship
GSA - Mr. Gordon
NJHS - National Junior Honor Society - Mrs. Alexios
Garden Club - Ms. Larsen
SECME - Mr. Barran
Step - Mrs. Brown-Morgan
Student Government - Mr. Gordon
Tutoring - Mrs. Wusterhausen
Other clubs are available through the After School Programs (contact Mr. Barran). 

Be sure to check back! And if you have a specific interest, let us know and maybe we can get that club started. 

For more information call the front office 561-776-3600

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