HLW IB Program Tidbits

IB Program Tidbits
Posted on 01/05/2022
The question comes up - what does it mean that HLW is an International Baccalaureate whole school? All students receive the IB exposure in all classes.  Critical thinking, real world connections, collaborative opportunities, STEM infused classes and working together to help make the world a better place!

This month's project:
MLK Observance & Day of Service
If you visit campus, be sure to check out our portrait bulletin boards!
Personal Community Service Project planning

Our school works diligently on cooperative learning, group projects, community service, critical thinking and international mindedness. 

Past projects:  Growth Mindset advocacy, Hispanic Heritage Extravaganza, Food Drive to donate to local Food Pantry, mentoring younger students. 

Logos and programme models - International Baccalaureate®